Jacqueline Hyde

Basic Info:

Location:   New York Age:  19 Sexual Orientation:  Bi Status:  Single
Birthday:  June 21st Height:  5'5" Weight:  409 Zodiac:  Gemini / Cancer
Bra Size:  46 C Panty Size:  11 / 12 Pant Size:  32 Shoe Size:  11
Eye Color:   Blue or Green Smoke Only the green Tattoos None Piercings Tongue

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Newest Updates:


6/20/08 - Outdoor Tease
Jacqueline Hyde can't be contained indoors so she takes to the outside, ironically enough, her posing in front of stone will definitely get you hard!


5/23/08 - Morbid Beauty
Jacqueline Hyde looks extremely hot in black, some may even say she's Dead Sexy, well looks like she's in the right place then! She could raise the dead... or at least certain parts of them!


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Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes

Pole Job

Strap On


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Singing in the Rain

Leopard Lady

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